Andersen Afb Legal Office Phone Number Please complete a worksheet on the website before the date of your will. Click the Legal Spreadsheet tab, and then scroll down to select the Will Worksheet tab. If you have received a will ticket number, please call the legal department to make an appointment.* Once you have finished, please contact the law firm at 366-2937 with the ticket number(s) to make an appointment. Thank you very much. Before receiving your Power of Attorney, please complete a worksheet on the website above. Click the Legal Spreadsheet tab, then scroll down to select Power of Attorney, and then select the appropriate tab for the appropriate Power of Attorney. Bring your ticket number to the legal department to prepare your power of attorney.* For wills, click the Legal Worksheet tab and scroll down to select the Wills Worksheet tab. You will receive a ticket number at the end of the spreadsheet. For powers of attorney, please complete a worksheet on the website above. The Andersen AFB Legal Office provides free legal assistance in personal civil matters to eligible beneficiaries, including active or retired military personnel and their dependants. Examples of personal civil law issues include adoption, dependency, financial responsibility, family relations, the Military Civil Assistance Act (SIPA), veterans` re-employment rights, landlord-tenants, and accident issues.

The highest priority is given to Air Force personnel who require mission-related mobilization or legal assistance. Provide comprehensive legal services that support the personnel, operations, preparation and modernization of the Andersen team in peacetime, contingencies and wars. Office of the Staff Judge Advocate: Legal staff advise commanders on matters of military justice, civil law, labour law, contracts, environmental law, injury issues and adverse civil actions. *Please note that ticket numbers are case sensitive. WILL (appointment only) Thursday 0900 – 1130 (bring the ticket number) Click on the “Legal Worksheet” tab and then scroll down to select “Power of Attorney”. Select the appropriate tab for the appropriate power of attorney. Please note that ticket numbers are case sensitive. legal advisors can provide legal advice, conduct a general document review, draft and send correspondence on behalf of clients, and assist clients in creating forms.

However, lawyers cannot represent clients in judicial or administrative proceedings or draft or file legal documents with a court. LEGAL ASSISTANCE (by appointment only) Monday 1330 – 1630 Wednesday 0900 – 1130 Please complete a client survey. Click the Online Survey tab to access the survey. Monday 1330 – 1630 Wednesday 0930 – 1130 Wednesday (walk-in) 0800-0900 (Active Service ONLY) Please contact the Legal Department at DSN 366-2937/(671) 366-2937 or by email For E4 members and under, it is imperative to complete the travel briefing smoothly with the Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC). Please call 366-8136 to make an appointment. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 0800 – 1630 WALK-IN NOTARY Monday, Thursday & Friday 0830 – 1630 Walk-in Tuesday 0830 – 1300/1600 – 1630 Walk-in Wednesday 0830 – 1400/1500 – 1630 Walk-in For E5 and senior members and officers, please access the following link: Air Force Claims Service Center AFCSC/JAD DSN (312)986-8044 1050 Forrer Blvd COMM (937)656-8044 Dayton, OH 45420-1472 FAX DSN 986-8307 1-877-754-1212 1) Full Replacement Value (LIF) – Submit your claim directly to your intake guide. Access or call the Claims Service Center.2) Personal Property Defense System (DPS) – Submit your claim directly to the carrier online via DPS. Please complete the first two briefings under “Before you move”. The second information session is provided for informational purposes only. As soon as you are finished, please send the certificate of completion (from the first briefing) to the Org box under 3) Other Claims – If you are not satisfied with a carrier`s offer or would like to make any other type of claim, go to or call the Claims Center.

DSN: 315- 366-2937 Comm: 671-366-2937 Email: 36 WG/JA – Andersen AFB, Guam. All legal services, wills, powers of attorney and notarial services are only possible by appointment. Due to safety measures, masks are mandatory and no inspection services are offered. By appointment only, please call 366-2937 to plan the steps to file household and other claims:.