Another Word for Cede Definition

Determined not to give a commercial advantage to the France, he refused to cede Senegal or Gorée. To the Credit of the Red Devils, they remained resilient, but Argentina, now ahead, was determined not to give in an inch. There has been a tendency to cede too much of our democracy to these leaders, elected or not, and trust them to do the right thing. The patricians were ready not to give anything to the Gracchi, and they were decimated by Marius. We cannot cede the technology that creates new jobs and industries to other countries – we must demand their promise. Usually, this means that a brand has to give up some control to Cooperman and his team so that everything that is done seems loyal to the followers of the Faze clan. Apparently, there was a lack of preparation, concrete orders from high sources, in case you had to give up soil. Under the Petroleum Resources Act, any agreement allowing PDVSA to transfer exploration and production rights is illegal and unconstitutional. The Maduro regime insists on the de facto privatization of the oil industry, which exacerbates its collapse. We are very pleased that Xerox has finally ended its reckless plan to cede control of the company to Fujifilm. Until recently, the agency used this as a pretext to cede responsibility to state and local authorities for vaccinating immigrants in their custody, rather than conducting its own vaccination campaign.

Synonyms: facilitating, granting, yielding, paying, delivering, transporting, surrendering, returning, allowing, confessing, allocating, allowing, underestimating, yielding, yielding, yielding, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, moving, judging, generating, subverting, yielding, confessing, forgiving, giving, yielding, yielding, yielding, yielding, giving up on the Senate process, we will not give up our power to attempt this impeachment. It`s the turn of the Democrats in the House of Representatives. The Senate has made the decision of the Senate. I`m sure they weren`t thrilled that they ended up having to give up on that. We are very pleased that Xerox has finally ended the reckless plan to cede control of the company to Fujifilm, we have often said that the most important person in a company is (by far) the CEO. We are therefore also pleased that John Visentin, a recognized veteran in this field, is taking the helm. Resignation means renouncing or renouncing land, positions or authorities. “She reluctantly gave up the coveted position of family baby to her brother when he was born. However, she didn`t want to give him her room. Another possibility might be to investigate why Congress so willingly ceded so much war power to presidents during this period, a failure that goes back decades but had particularly horrific results during the global war on terror. Militants said they still wanted the Taliban to be held accountable, but the U.S.

and its coalition allies ceded some of their influence when they withdrew. give in; Surrender or submit to the physical control of another This king chose to disappear permanently in the mountains instead of submitting to a colonial power. Cede is a word often used to discuss diplomatic matters. It is more commonly used in terms of actual physical things such as geographical areas or objects, but can also be used in terms of attitudes or opinions. “The rebels ceded territory after the siege failed.” “Dad tried, but eventually gave up control and let me have my own Facebook account.” Booker also voluntarily ceded primary control of the offense to Paul, while finding ways to influence the game at a similar level. And if they don`t act quickly, they could cede that ground to the Democrats for the next generation. With this contract, the Chippewas surrendered four square miles and reserved the right to a place where they could fish on the rapids forever. Belgium now refuses to accede to the agreement by deciding not to cede Luxembourg. “The squatters had to abandon the building after the police arrived.”