Are Airsoft Guns Legal in Florida

§ 16-12 – Unloading of certain weapons. (b) definitions. For the purposes of this Section, “discharge” means the firing of rifles, rifles or pistols, including those in which a projectile is propelled by the action of compressed air, gas expansion or a spring or other mechanical means, including BB pistols, air rifles and slingshots. (c) Prohibited. It is illegal for a person to discharge a weapon, including BB weapons, air or gas weapons, electric weapons or devices or firearms, or for a person to throw away a hard loaded object that should be likely to cause bodily injury or property damage within the city`s business boundaries. (d) exceptions. This Section shall not be construed as applying to law enforcement officers performing their duties or to a duly authorized indoor or outdoor weapons club, pistol area, shooting range or archery club. (e) Punishment for violations. Any person found guilty of violating this article shall be punished in accordance with Article 1-11 (Ordinance No.

88-10, §§ 1-4, 3-9-88) Reference to State Law – Local Regulation of Firearms, F.S. § 790.33. If you live or are in the state of Florida, it is important that you familiarize yourself with Florida`s laws regarding airosoft weapons and concealed carrying. Editor`s note: Ordinance No. 22-2011, § 3, adopted on 13 September 2011, repealed former Article 70-9 in its entirety, which referred to the carrying or use of BB pistols, pellet guns or air guns and was approved by Ordinance No. 15-04, § 1, adopted on 13 July 2004. REPEALED.*(No restrictions on the use of air rifles on private land, in summary). (3) Minors: Any person under the age of 18.

(b) Merchant License – Application, Term, Revocation/Suspension. 1. It shall be unlawful for any reseller, other than an authorized reseller, to sell, lend, rent or otherwise transfer air rifles or projectiles. Dealers authorized to sell firearms are not required to obtain the special permit for the sale of air rifles, but must comply with all other provisions of this section. § 90-7 – Activities in areas belonging to the county or administered. (l) hunting and weapons. No person may carry, use or possess weapons of any kind, including, but not limited to, air guns, feather guns, bows and arrows, paint guns, water cannons, slingshots, boomerangs or any other form of weapon harmful or dangerous to wildlife or dangerous to human safety on or in any land owned or administered by the county, except in and in accordance with the rules and regulations as a participant in a program approved by the county council. Commissioners, unless permitted by law. Firearms within the meaning of F.S. § 790.001 are exempt from this provision and the regulation is exempt from State law.

(n) toys and replicas of firearms, fireworks, longbows, crossbows, compound bows and explosives. No person shall possess toys or replicas of firearms, air rifles, air rifles, toy cannons, fireworks, longbows, crossbows, composite bows, explosives, slingshots or toys or instruments that fire projectiles by air, elastic, explosive or any other force in a country belonging to or managed by a county, and no one shall unload a toy or a replica of a firearm. Parents or guardians will be held strictly responsible for the actions of minors in relation to the prohibitions set forth in this subsection and others. ARTICLE II. – AIRGUNSDealer: any person who retails or leases air rifles or projectiles for them, and the term “authorized distributor” means any person licensed under the provisions of this section or any person who is lawfully authorized to sell firearms. Minors: Anyone under the age of 18. Florida airsoft laws prohibit you from using an airsoft gun unless your parents or another adult are present. Florida`s airsoft gun laws allow minors under the age of 16 to use airsoft weapons when using them for competition or hunting. You are also allowed to carry them when they are unloaded. State Law Reference – Use of the BB weapon by a child under the age of sixteen, F.S. § 790.22.Sec.

15-47. – Seizure, confiscation of offensive weapons. An officer who makes an arrest under this section shall take possession of the air rifles or slingshots contained in this section and found in the person so arrested or in the possession of the person so arrested and shall keep them until the offence is eliminated; And if convicted, the air gun or slingshot expires and the responsible department sells it for public sale or otherwise disposes of it in accordance with the law, but if that person is acquitted, the air gun or slingshot is returned. (Code 1956, § 24-54) WEAPONS AND FIREARMSSee all of Section 790.22 Use of BB firearms, air or gas guns or electrical weapons or equipment by minors under 16 years of age; Restriction; The possession of firearms by minors under the age of 18 is prohibited; Sanctions.- The State of Florida encourages the use and possession of firearms and is relatively relaxed when it comes to gun laws. It is recognized that citizens of the state “retain their constitutional right to keep and carry firearms for hunting and sporting activities and for their defense, family, home and business, and as collectors` items.” In addition, it is illegal to carry a firearm outdoors or hide one without a licence. § 62-3 – Unloading of firearms and air rifles. (a) definitions. In this section: An air rifle is any pistol, rifle or pistol intended to eject a projectile by the action of compressed air or gas or by the action of a spring or elastic.

§ 16-103 – BB pistols, air or gas guns; illegal landfill. It is illegal for any person to fire or unload a BB pistol, air pistol or gas gun, as defined in state law, within the city limits, except in a duly authorized shooting gallery, firearms club or shooting range. (Ordinance No. 1435, 9-13-1984)§ 16-104 – Administrative offences; Adoption of constitutional law. It is illegal to commit, within the city limits of Pinellas Park, Florida, any act that is or is to be recognized as a misdemeanor under the laws of the State of Florida; and the commission of such acts is prohibited.§ 2-1014. – Toy weapons, fireworks and explosives. (A) No person shall at any time possess a toy weapon, air rifle, air rifle, toy barrel, slingshot, bow and arrow, toy or instrument that discharges projectiles by air, elastic, explosive or any other force, or unload them anywhere in a park or recreation area. However, there are some exceptions to these laws.