Daily Guided Tours of The Secretariat Yangon

The Secretariat Yangon’s Daily Guided Tours offer visitors a peak behind closed doors and construction scaffolding.

Explore the history of the colossal colonial building and learn the details of the complex’s multi-year effort while being escorted by an expert local guide.

Your ”insider’s” journey through The Secretariat Yangon will take you to see the stately interior of the historic Yangon Parliament House where Burma’s self-rule first began and the West Wing location of the assassination of General Aung San, the father of Modern Myanmar, and 6 cabinet members on 19 July 1947, as well as into areas that are still under renovation.

As you and your guide wind your way through the layers of history you will see original teak wood details, soaring ceiling heights and the impressive double spiral iron staircase in the Central Wing of the complex.

Be sure and bring your camera as photo opportunities are plentiful and photography is encouraged.

Tours are available every hour starting at 9:30am and the final tour will depart at 4:30pm.

Guided Tour Cost

Foreign Local
Adult $10 USD/ 15,000ks per 3,000ks per
Child $5 USD/ 8,000ks per 1,000ks per

Guided tour fee includes camera fee.

Daily Guided Tours can be booked in advance or can be arranged onsite (based on availability).

Contact   –  (95) 9 427 273 018, (95) 1 839 8420
Email       –  rsv.asiatoursmyr@gmail.com


The public entrance for Daily Tours is by the east gate located on Thein Phyu Road.

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