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Today The Secretariat Yangon is nearing the end of a multi-year that will allow everyone the opportunity to explore this elegant “grande dame.”

The Secretariat Yangon’s more than 400,000 square feet of space is once again coming alive with a vibrant mix of tenants that will include museum and art exhibit spaces, a buffet dinner with heritage show, cultural and private event spaces, guided tours, as well as retail shops, a wellness center, various restaurants and commercial office space – all nestled in a treasure of Victorian architecture and surrounded by flowering gardens.

East Wing Open
8:00AM – 6:00PM
7 Days A Week

North Wing F&B Open
8:00AM – 10:00PM
7 Days A Week


Entrance is FREE

Camera Policy:
Cellular Phone Camera
For personal use and without a tripod or monopod

DSLR Camera or Video and Tripod or Monopod
For Personal Use 5,000 MMK

Multiple Cameras and Tripods or Monopods
For Professional or Commercial Use
150,000 MMK | $100 USD for 1 hour

The proceeds of the Camera Fees go towards the restoration and preservation of The Secretariat.

The public entrance is by the east gate located on Thein Phyu Road.

Daily Guided Tours

The Secretariat Yangon’s Daily Guided Tours offer visitors a peak behind closed doors and construction scaffolding.

Foreign Local
Adult $10 USD/ 15,000ks per 3,000ks per
Child $5 USD/ 8,000 ks per 1,000 ks per

(under 12 yrs of age)


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